Re-Quilombos. Espaço Fonte

Re-Quilombos. Espaço Fonte

Espaço Fonte is a platform for research and residencies located in Recife, Brazil. This centre has invited the curator Blanca de la Torre and the artist Juanli Carrión to carry out a research residency as guest curators to develop the proposal Re-Quilombos, for which they have enlisted the collaboration of AC/E through the mobility programme of the PICE. It is a multidisciplinary project devised for the specific context of Recife and features interventions in the public space with dance, performance and video and a publication recording the whole process.

Re-Quilombos sets out to question what the exotic consists of in a post-colonial society and, at the same time, the methods of the consumer and entertainment society – dictated by the capitalist system – which are capable of harnessing nearly any cultural expression for its own benefit. Given the political origins of capoeira and its initial tradition as a fighting and informative tool for Brazilian slaves, Re-Quilombos seeks to bring back something of its original use by restoring its value as a means of withstanding the power structures.
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