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Research Residency FelipaManuela 2017

Research Residency FelipaManuela 2017
FelipaManuela is an independent cultural organization, based in Madrid, dedicated to promoting research in contemporary art through Residency Programs, public activities, and publications. Curators, writers, academicians, art critics, educators, and artists are invited to research residencies in collaboration with specialized libraries and documentation centers in Madrid. It works as a professional exchange core, which aims to promote the internationalization of the local art ecosystem, networking, and collaboration between foreign professionals and cultural agents in the city. Through various devices -conferences extension, public presentations, meetings with professionals and institutions, studio visits and others, the researcher’s residents participate in a particular orientation trip, particular design for them.

This 2nd Programme is considered as a continuation of the one carried out in collaboration with ARCO (February, 2017). It invites professionals whose practice is or has been linked to institutions, artists and art professional relevant to Latin America, enhancing  exchanges between Spain and that region. The novelty of this edition is that, in addition to curators, the invitation is extended to coordinators of educational programmes.
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