Residency AC/E and Gasworks 2018

Residency AC/E and Gasworks 2018

This Residency is an opportunity that will enable an aspiring artist based in the Spain to undertake a fully-funded residency at Gasworks. The selected artist has been Antoni Hervàs. He will enjoy this residency in London from 2 April – 18 June 2018 (11 weeks). Gasworks’ residencies are opportunities for self-led professional development, artistic exchange and experimentation.

Antoni Hervàs was born in Barcelona in 1981. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He studied Engraving and Stamping at the Llotja School in the same city. Among his numerous citations with culture, art and the world of fanzines - in which he has a suggestive voice of his own - he has participate in La noche de los libros mutantes 2010 (Madrid), in the exhibition Zines (2010, La Casa Encendida, Madrid), and has had a residence in Hangar (Barcelona), Domestic 2011 (Barcelona) and the place of events (Sala d'art jove, Barcelona). He has received several awards such as the Illustration of the Injuve in 2010.

For this Gasworks residency he will extend his my recent practice work into Roller Derby communities in Barcelona, to connect to Roller Derby communities in London as a way to understand practices of community, campaigning and support within the sport. Roller Derby is a marginal sport, which has undergone an evolution from sports entertainment (where the theatrical elements overshadow the athleticism) to a woman-organized amateur contact sport. 



The Residency Comprises:
- 24-hour access to a fully accessible studio at Gasworks, alongside other visiting artists and Gasworks’ permanent studio holders.
- An Open Studio, or similar public presentations, at Gasworks
- Single room accommodation within Gasworks Residencies House (a 3-story house, shared with 3 other artists-in-residence)
- Basic living expenses in London
- Economy return flights from the artist’s home city to London
- Travel card (zones 1+2) for unlimited travel within central London for the duration of the residency
- Administrative, pastoral and curatorial support from Gasworks (during office hours)

For more information about the residency and how to apply, please download the information in the Resources section below.


Your application should include the following in ONE PDF file only:

1. An artist's statement describing your practice and areas of interest (up to 250 words)
2. A minimum of 10 images of recent work, with captions and a short description if necessary.
3. A CV/Resume
4. A simple statement outlining your plans, if you were to be offered the residency, which could include a short description of a research project specific to the context of London or your residency at Gasworks (up to 250 words). This proposal does not have to be definitive and can change during the course of the residency.
5. Any relevant documentation (e.g. articles or papers about work, exhibitions, publications, etc)
6. A cover sheet with name, contact address, e-mail and telephone numbers if available, plus confirmation that you will be available from 2 April to 18 June 2018, if selected.

Applications that do not follow this format will not be considered.

Please note that there is a 10MB limit on pdf submissions. If your file is not in pdf format or is over 10MB you will not be able to submit it.
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