Residency of La Ribot in NAVE 2018: Happy Island

Residency of La Ribot in NAVE 2018: Happy Island

AC/E supports through the Mobility grants the Residence of the Spanish company La Ribot in NAVE  to develop the first stage of theoretical and practical research of the "Happy Island" project, in collaboration with Dançando com a Diferença (Portugal), Henrique Amoedo (Brazil), and dancers with Trisomy 21: Bárbara Matos, Joana Caetano and Sofia Marote. Also collaborates in the project the Spanish artist Josep María Martin as assistant director. The final production will be show in Portugal in 2018.

NAVE is a space specially designed to make residences. In the first two years they already have received 200 artists in residence and more than 420 artists in a multidisciplinay space with different research and exhibition projects. NAVE is characterized precisely for its expertise in the field of residencies and the generation of links between artists and diverse communities. Their residencies are focused on music and dance, with autistic and non-hearing children.

For two weeks, La Ribot and José María Martin will carry out their research in Chile and will hold meetings with different groups and professionals, raising new data for their research.
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