Ricardo Gassent Artistic Residency at the Cité International Paris 2017

Ricardo Gassent Artistic Residency at the Cité International Paris 2017

More than 60 artists from around the world will be in residence in 2017 at the Cité internationale des arts in Paris. The Cité internationale des arts programme is open to foreign creators, who wish to develop a project of research in Paris during a period of three or six consecutive months.The Spanish artist Ricardo Gassent, soundpainter and artistic director, has been selected among other artist from all over the world to develop a research project in Paris bwteen October 2017 and January 2017. AC/E, through a collaboration agreement with the French Embassy in Spain, supports his residency. 

Ricardo Gassent Born in Madrid in a family of musicians, began his musical studies at early age under the guidance of his father. Pursuing higher studies Oboe, harmony and composition in Spain, expanding its training later in Berlin. In 2005 he founded the Berlin Philharmonic Society Madrid project in 2007 received an award for the best European cultural project. She has performed with soloists such as Albrecht Mayer, Stefan Schulz or Edicson Ruiz, among others. Shape duo with pianist and composer Sebastián Mariné. He teaches the EMMD Alcobendas, Aranjuez and Tres Cantos. In the present wide with Walter Thompson in Paris in Soundpainting training, sign language created to compose in real time with different artistic disciplines (music, theater, dance and visual arts) Having obtained the second level certification.

Soundpainting is the universal multidisciplinary live composing sign language for musicians, actors, dancers, and visual Artists. Presently (2016) the language comprises more than 1200 gestures that are signed by the Soundpainter (composer) to indicate the type of material desired of the performers. The creation of the composition is realized, by the Soundpainter, through the parameters of each set of signed gestures. The Soundpainting language was created by Walter Thompson in Woodstock, New York in 1974.

DANÁPHORE from Soundpaintingmadrid on Vimeo.

Inspired by poems by Ángela Figuera Aymerich and Hugo Mújica, DANÁPHORE is a multidisciplinary creation of soundpainting, structured in the form of a ballet, that reflects on the atavistic resonance of the human being rooted in the women as creators of life. Through the metaphor of a tree, which emerges from there, where we are not. it shows us the union between Heaven and Earth. "The roots carry the light that continues to create us from the mystery".
Premiered on March 9, 2017 at the Theater of the Cultural Center "Adolfo Suárez" of Tres Cantos (Madrid) on the occasion of International Women's Week.

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