(S8) 10ª Mostra de Cinema Periférico 2019

(S8) 10ª Mostra de Cinema Periférico 2019

The invitation for the participation of Maria Morata Marco, Anaïs Desrieux, Mark Toscano, Morris Manuel Trujillo, Ela Bittercourt, Maria Palacios Cruz, Pamela Macarena Biénzobas Saffie y Stefano Miraglia in this new edition of the (S8) has been possible thanks to the Spanish society Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE), in its modality of Visitors, which facilitates that Spanish cultural entities and institutions have in their activities and programs the presence in Spain of professionals and international cultural prescribers, in order to know directly and personally the Spanish creative-cultural offer. 

(S8) IX Mostra International of Cinema Peripheral is an event held in A Coruña the first week of June. It is focused in avant-garde cinema and contemporary cinematographic creation, where filmmakers, journalists, film professionals, students and a passionate audience from all over the world meet around leading figures of cinema and contemporary filmmakers. The Mostra is a space of meeting for professionals where meetings, masterclasses and presentations of developing projects have place. (S8) pays also special attention to education, with several didactic activities and seminars about cinematographic culture. This wide proposal is completed every year with video-installations and exhibitions related to the thematic of the edition.
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(S8) 2019 Vídeo Promocional | Youtube
(S8) 2019 Vídeo Promocional | Youtube



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