SÂLMON< festival 2018

SÂLMON< festival 2018

Movement and more Almost up till the very moment it actually happens, it is not easy to define a creative festival with so much thriving art. What we can say right now is that SÂLMON< is planned at a creative centre, El Graner, which works with artists 365 days a year. So as on previous occasions we suspect that the natural tendency will be, on the one hand, to make these medium and long-term relationships visible, to stage artists you already know and follow, and, on the other hand, also to make the most of the opportunity the festival gives us to foster new affections.

In its accompanying role, for the first time SÂLMON< is the co-producer of three shows by artists who participated on previous occasions: Cris Blanco, Patricia Caballero with Mónica Valenciano and El Conde de Torrefiel. Moreover, as we think that a festival is above all an opportunity for meeting up, in different ways and in many spaces, we’ll continue to support a programme that expands beyond theatre and incorporates other perspectives through shared curatorship.

Also, once again, we will be looking to Latin America, particularly Chile and Colombia, with the idea of paying closer attention to their concerns and methods and sharing them in practice. SÂLMON< is a creative festival in contemporary mode that operates through trust. And we wholly trust you’ll be coming. And so, if only for that reason, here we are!

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