Sessions: The Value of Culture

Sessions: The Value of Culture

The Ortega y Gasset-Gregorio Marañón Foundation organizes these sessions on July 7 and 8 in which 50 protagonists of culture in Spain, in a plurality of demonstrations, debate on how to face some of the challenges of the new times, upon release from confinement. The meeting organized by the Revista de Occidente-José Ortega y Gasset-Gregorio Marañón Foundation has the collaboration of Planner Media and the support of Acción Cultural Española.

The conference aims to create a conversation that gathers experiences and reflections on changes in cultural practices and in the assessment we make of culture as a dimension of our social life and as a key factor in external projection. The emergence of Covid-19 in Spain, and throughout the world, caused a "blackout" of cultural life without antecedents. Confined its protagonists, culture was made from home and communication was limited to the essential media: radio , television, newspapers, and screens, all kinds of screens. Covid-19 has touched on each of the dimensions (economic, symbolic, identity and external projection) that make up the cultural capital of a community.

The sessions are guided by the following question: How can we take advantage of the momentum of change caused by the pandemic to update (innovate and improve) culture the day after? And above all, how to direct our creation and our practices to gain the appreciation of Spanish society and increase the prestige of international audiences.

The Conferences have a mixed character, with a face-to-face development and an online or recorded participation of the speakers who cannot attend. All the development will be transmitted in streaming. The sessions will take place in the garden of the Foundation with a limited capacity and with the appropriate protocol at the time of the return to normality.
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Conferences on July 7: 'The value of culture'
Conferences on July 7: 'The value of culture'




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