Seville European Film Festival 2019

Seville European Film Festival 2019

In 15 editions the Festival has become a reference for the new European cinema and defense of the youngest and most independent Spanish cinema. The balance between great figures of European cinema and emerging talents and the participation of public and critics, reflects the idea of a festival in continuous evolution. Its program highlights the Q&A with directors (160), loyalty strategies, training initiatives and industry conferences add the identity of a festival with its own stamp to the national distribution and premiere.

AC/E collaborates with the organization of the event through its PICE grants for visitors, making possible the participation of foreign programmers in the festival and contributing to the visibility of Spanish productions. All of them participate in various professional activities and in Q&A spaces with directors, journalists and agents of the sector.

Guillaume Calop, Director de Les Arcs Film Festival (France)
Alberto La Monica, Director de Lecce European Film Festival (Italia)
Misa Mogorovic, Jefe de programación de Palic European Film Festival (Serbia)
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