Shenzen Contemporary Theater Biennale 2018

Shenzen Contemporary Theater Biennale 2018

Shenzen Contemporary Theater Biennale, directed by the famous theater director MENG Jinghui, is a prestigious Festival that is held biannually during the month of March. It gathers international artists both consecrated and emerging, young and experimental. It promotes new styles and gives opportunities to promising small companies to see the light internationally and enrich thus the Chinese cultural panorama.

AC/E supports the participation of the Spanish company Aula3 Platform of creation with its work "Time Out" that represents the need to stop in a world in which everything seems to move, ... the pause, that necessary element in everything to make is exist. The yin vs. yang, the silence vs. noise, the happiness vs. sadness. That's what "Time Out" is about: the need to stop in order to keep going. The silence to be able to listen. The vital reflection to choose our path.
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