SiDance 2017. Seoul International Dance Festival

SiDance 2017. Seoul International Dance Festival

Sidance, with 20 years of existence, has become one of the most importants festival of contemporary dance in Korea. AC/E supports the participation of five Spanish contemporary dance companies:
La Veronal with his show "Los pájaros muertos",
Cia de Maria Antonia Oliver with "Las Muchos",
Cia Guy Nader with "Time Takes the Times Takes",
Cia Au Ments with "Malasombra" and
Raquel Madrid & Cipri López with "Brief history of a long event".

The collaboration between AC/E and Sidance started from the Asia - Pacific AC/E's plan of 2015-2016 that aimed to project the current cultural reality of Spain in the countries of this large region. The plan was followed by a reinforced line of action to promote creators, especially the most contemporary and creative. As a result of this programme AC/E has implemented agreements with Asian institutions that have expressed their interest in knowing and projecting the Spanish culture in the framework of their festivals.

Compañía de Maria Antonia Oliver
Mary Hall, Sogang University
16 OCT 2017

Cia Guy Nader
Mary Hall, Sogang University
20 OCT 2017

Cia Au Ments Danza-teatro
Jayu Theatre
22 OCT 2017

La Veronal
ARKO Art Theater
28 and 29 OCT 2017 at ARKO Art Theater

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