Talaiotic Architecture. The Prehistory of Menorca

Talaiotic Architecture. The Prehistory of Menorca

This travelling exhibition is designed to promote knowledge of the rich cultural heritage associated with Menorca’s prehistory. Featuring original pieces, photos and audiovisual material, it explores the archaeological landscapes of Menorca, from the monumentality of the Chalcolithic to the Bronze and Iron ages. It shows 40 sites associated with the spiritual life and funerary rituals of the period.

The show enables visitors to learn about the characteristics and development of the architecture and society of the people who occupied what is now Menorca during prehistory. The architecture conveys the social complexity of these peoples through their funerary rites, systems of beliefs and process of occupying the territory.

This rich heritage of Menorca relates to the period generally termed Talaiotic culture, which is named after the talaiots, the most emblematic and numerous prehistorical constructions of the Balearic Islands. This heritage is a unique example of the abundance of constructions, cultural material and diverse testimonies in this small area of the western Mediterranean. The architecture is of outstanding universal value owing to the use of the cyclopean construction technique and to its authenticity, exclusiveness, originality and singularity in the period, as well as to the fact that it is a unique testament to the Mediterranean prehistoric society that once inhabited the islands. 
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