The War is Not Silent Anymore (But it Continues Undeclared)

The War is Not Silent Anymore (But it Continues Undeclared)

The War is Not Silent Anymore (But it Continues Undeclared) is a curatorial project that advocates and questions the place of the magical in relation to the natural as a possible means of withstanding the extractive neoliberal economies that affect territories, populations and heterogeneous forms of life. The event consists of two stages: a meeting between artists, curator and audiences; and a subsequent exhibition based on the conclusions of the meeting.  

Based on the final words of an address given by Deputy Commander Marcos in March 2011 in the Zócalo, Mexico City, who stated that “we are the colour of the earth”, the project reflects on resistance and earth, the struggle for survival of certain ways of understanding the world and how we relate to that world – issues that need to be reflected on in today’s world.

What do Deputy Commander Marcos’s gestures have in common with the inhabitants of the river Magdalena in the Colombian rainforest? What trails can be blazed in connection with these moments if we break away from the old distinctions between magic and reason? What sort of social and political proposals can emerge from those magical spaces? What spaces of resistance for particular ways of life that are tending to disappear in global uniformity can be opened up from here? The artists and curators who come together in this artistic and anthropological project with the support of AC/E will attempt to answer these and other questions.
The project is being implemented in two phases. The talks, workshops, adaptation of pieces, meetings with artists, and presentation of the exhibition to the public will take place from 13 to 18 November, followed by the exhibition at the Museo Espacio from 18 November to 31 December. 
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