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Trayectos 2017. International Contemporary Festival of Dance in Urban Spaces

Trayectos 2017. International Contemporary Festival of Dance in Urban Spaces
Trayectos is the International Contemporary Dance Festival of Zaragoza which has been held annually since 2004. Trayectos puts contemporary dance in contact with the city and its citizens. The locations in Zaragoza include the Roman Theatre and Forum. The festival aims to contribute towards the development of contemporary dance, and towards social cohesion through art. To this end, it runs training, cooperation and community dance programmes.

Trayectos is part of the Acieloabierto Network, the Spanish Network of Contemporary Dance Festivals in Non-Conventional Spaces, and is the entity that currently coordinates it. The Festival helps promote Spanish companies in the international Circuit of  festivals (circulation of works and artists) taking advantage of the infrastructures created in each country. It provides a space for professionals and artists to come together and thereby increase the number of dance performances in cities’ cultural programmes and, at the same time, to afford the public the opportunity to enjoy dance shows of all kinds and formats. AC/E supports the participation of international professionals.

The programme is an opportunity to attend outstanding shows from local, national and international companies. As for local companies, you will see LaMov, Circle of Trust, D'Click and Tarde or Early Dance. Also participating are national companies from Andalusia, Basque Country and Catalonia as well as Palma de Mallorca and Madrid. Cesc Gelabert, a dancer, choreographer and director renown internationally and a pioneer of contemporary dance in Spain, will also be attending.
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