La Tristura at the Espoo City Theatre Finland

La Tristura at the Espoo City Theatre Finland

One of Spain’s most progressive and fearless theatre companies, La Tristura is continually seeking new forms of theatrical expression. Their latest production, CINE, hovers somewhere between theatre and cinema, but what is cinematic about it is the sound not the image. Audiences are given headphones to listen to the “soundtrack”.

"Cine" is a play about Spain’s stolen children, an all too common phenomenon that remains little known to most. The narrator and key protagonist is a man who himself was kidnapped as a child and now seeks his past and his place in the world. The play takes his rootlessness and existential insecurity and turns them into a symbol for the lives of an entire generation of Europeans.

La historia de Pablo, un hombre de unos treinta y pico años que descubre que es un niño robado por el franquismo: de golpe se le hace añicos su identidad y, por tanto, se queda sin un relato que lo narre y lo sitúe en el mundo. Se inicia así una road movie que lleva al protagonista a un viaje sin retorno que le irá revelando no solo su propia historia, sino también la de su país.

"Cine" investigates through the word and the image in the phenomenon of stolen children, an issue that is barely spoken of in Spain: "from the year 1939 to the mid-eighties, it is estimated that there are 300,000 stolen children in Spain" . But La Tristura warns us: "we are not judges, nor reporters. Our responsibility is to face this issue with our own language. And continue imagining what the performing arts should be in the 21st century ».

Actors: Itsaso Arana, Fernanda Orazi Pablo, Pablo Und Destruktion
Text: Itsaso Arana, Celso Giménez

Thu 22 Mar at 7.00 pm
Fri 23 Mar at 7.00 pm
Sat 24 Mar at 3.00 pm

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