VIV(R)E LA VIE !  Symphonie underground Le cinéma de Gonzalo García Pelayo

VIV(R)E LA VIE ! Symphonie underground Le cinéma de Gonzalo García Pelayo

The  Musée du Jeu de Paumeis a highly prestigious art centre in France. One of its purposes is to show and encourage all kinds of visual arts: photography, cinema, video, installations and web art, etc., as well as exhibitions, symposiums, seminars and educational activities related to the world of image. It also sets out to promote emerging artists without ever losing sight of the historical perspective.
This project, in which Acción Cultural Española is collaborating through the mobility awards, consists of an exhaustive retrospective of the films of Gonzalo García Pelayo. From 17 March to 6 April 2014, the Musée du Jeu de Paume will show the five films made by this multifaceted artist – Manuela (1975–76), Vivir en Sevilla (1978), Frente al mar (1978–79), Corridas de alegría (1982) and Roció y José (1982–83) – as well as his latest creation Alegrías de Cádiz.
Gonzalo García Pelayo is one of the great heterodox names in modern Spanish cinema and was a particularly significant figure during the Transition. He is hailed by many as the lost link between Luis Buñuel and Pedro Almodóvar for the abrupt lyricism, passion and freedom of his writing. However, Pelayo the filmmaker continues to be largely unknown to audiences, critics and programmers… The man who gave up the cinema in 1982 because he had felt “abandoned by it”, in his own words, has now returned to his youthful vocation thirty years later after specialised critics, particularly related to Lumiére  magazine, began to reappraise his unique films. In this connection it seems essential to us to contribute to the dissemination of his oeuvre abroad and particularly in France, where the work of this Spanish artist has many and surprising affinities. 
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