'A Girls' Game' at the Centro Cultural Cine Olaya Lima 2018

'A Girls' Game' at the Centro Cultural Cine Olaya Lima 2018

AC/E supports through te Mobility grants the representation of the play  "Juego de niñas" (A Girls' Game) by the Bullanga theater company at the Centro Cultural Cine Olaya. The play is a game that analyses the fears and expectations of parents when leaving their children at school. It is an experiential play, where the spectator becomes a parent who attends a meeting of parents in a school. Throughout the whole meeting many conflicts arise from the lack of communication between parents, children and teachers.

In short distances is where people are best known. A meeting of parents and students is the perfect example to find misery and prejudices. The play  reproduces a meeting based on real events. The spectators, turned into progenitors, occupy the interior of a classroom. There they will go from participating in a children's dance to complete silence before the outbreak of the conflict. One of the professors is accused of abuses. The mob is unleashed. From comedy to drama, without indoctrination, the plays tries to awale the positioning of the public, questioning everything, from whatsapp groups of parents to certain teaching practices.

This is another of Bullanga's challenges, a thatre company that writes its own texts, leaves creative freedom to its actors and enhances the relationship with the audience, making the it part of the fiction, beyond its role as simple participants. 

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