Abierto-Abierto 2018. Artistic Exchanges Madrid - Guadalajara

Abierto-Abierto 2018. Artistic Exchanges Madrid - Guadalajara

Abierto_Abierto is an artistic exchange project that will begin in 2018 with the participation of artists Carlos Aires and Miki Leal  (Spain) and Octavio Abúndez and Isa Carrillo (Mexico), who have been selected by the organizers for this pilot programme. The residencies last for three weeks and the program of activities includes the opening of the artists’ studios in the host spaces.

Carlos Aires and Miki Leal will undertake a residency in Guadalajara, Mexico, as part of the Abierto_Abierto exchange project carried out by PAOS GDL (Mexico) and Open Studios Madrid (Open Mind Art and Culture Association), with the support of Acción Cultural Española. Artists will be welcomed in the residential spaces in which other local and international artists work: PAOS GDL and Taller Los Guayabos. As part of the residency, they will develop a project, open their studios and hold conferences in the city of Guadalajara. This exchange will consist of a new residency programme that aims to promote the mobility of young and mid-career visual artists from both countries, as well as their visibility and international profile.

The Spanish artists will share their studio with the Mexican artists during their stay in Guadalajara, and later the Mexicans will take up residence in the work spaces of the Spaniards. Within the framework of these residencies, artists from different disciplines and nationalities will share their work and space, which enriches them and gives them acces to artist internationa networks and gives them the opportunity to understand at first-hand the artistic context of their respective countries.

Archivo Abierto is a documentation centre and bibliographic collection based on the recent history of art in Jalisco. It includes a space for residencies for projects derived from literature, publishing, writing, research and analysis of archival work.
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