Alberto García Alix. La línea de sombra

Alberto García Alix. La línea de sombra

Alberto García Alix. La línea de sombra is a first-hand testament to the ups and downs Alberto García-Alix experienced before finding his path. This documentary is directed by Nicolás Combarro and produced by Morelli Producciones, with the collaboration of Acción Cultural Española. It is an impactful film that delves into the biography and creative process of one of the most important photographers on the Spanish art scene and a leading name for a whole generation.

The film explores a journey from present to past, a dialogue between his life and his oeuvre. It is an opportunity to discover the work of Alberto Garcia-Alix through the language of documentary cinema. All in all it surveys the life and work of García Alix, making the spectator witness to a period and a generation that spans from the underground intellectuality of the 70s and the Madrid cultural movement known as the Movida to his artistic maturity and international recognition.

As Nicolas Combarro points out, “García-Alix’s life and artistic career allow us to trace the course of a Spanish social and artistic movement, which is always difficult to approach. The years I have spent working with him have given me a privileged insight into a way of understanding art from the inside”. 

The film, directed by Nicolás Combarro (A Coruña, 1979), director, artist and exhibition curator, has been selected for the category of New Directors at the 65th San Sebastián Festival that will take place between 22 and 30 September.

Teaser: La línea de sombra from Morelli Producciones on Vimeo.

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