Between the Seas Festival 2017. Mediterranean Performing Arts

Between the Seas Festival 2017. Mediterranean Performing Arts

The Festival is organised by Between the Seas, a performing arts organization operating in Athens (Greece) and New York City (USA), dedicated to the presentation and promotion of contemporary Mediterranean performance. The festival is their annual activity to showcase contemporary Mediterranean performing artists and kickstarts new partnerships and projects.

From 2011 to 2015 Between the Seas Festival took place in New York City, at the Wild Project theatre in the East Village. Starting in 2017 Between the Seas organizes its annual Between the Seas Festival in Athens, in partnership with Baumstrasse, in the neighborhood of Votanikos. Alongside performances from across the region, the festival will include staged readings, workshops and masterclasses and panels. Starting in 2018 they also plan to launch residence opportunities for Mediterranean artists in the South of Greece, in the beautiful medieval town of Monemvasia.

AC/E supports the participation of Spanish artists Paula Quintana with her show "Pieles" on September 11.

The show 'Pieles' is an emotional journey. It tries to show the continuous effort and struggle to pacificate our own emotions. How emotions battle locked up and protected under our Skins in which the end is not a victory, but the mere fact of living and letting oneself live in the face of an extended need to draw conclusions, to obtain results. Trying to be and being present every moment, letting the skins smell, sweat, bleed, change, feel.

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