La Biennale de Lyon 2017. Art / Floating Worlds. 14 edición

La Biennale de Lyon 2017. Art / Floating Worlds. 14 edición

The 2017 Biennale continues its quest for the Modern with a new chapter that Emma Lavigne has chosen to call Floating worlds. Volume 1, which was curated by Ralph Rugoff in 2015 and entitled Modern life, was a mapping of the contemporary question and of current issues in art and the world. This second volume, designed by Emma Lavigne, does not avoid the very contemporary question of “modernity”, given the far-reaching nature of such issues as universality, reason, shared aesthetics, identities, reciprocal influences, and so on, which are all relevant issues in art today.
AC/E supports the participation of Lara Almarcegui, Daniel Steegman Mangrané and Dario Villalba in this year Lyon Biennial.
Lara Almárcegui’s work for Lyon Biennial represents an elaboration of earlier works. On her show Lara will create a new works that will relate closely to the city of Saint Fons and its area named “Clochettes” where she will spend a few days during an art residency with inhabitants, architects, etc. A poetic work awaits visitors. “The question won’t be so much: What can I do to improve a certain place?, but rather: What can I learn from this place?”.

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané will present a new work which consists in a sort of vivarium, a laminated and compacted earth block as a playground for blue butterflies and Dario Villaba will present a set of 6 artworks from his series "Encapsulados" which consists in a three-dimensional construction, oil, photographic emulsion, aluminium and metacrylate.
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