Bruselas Flamenco Festival 2018

Bruselas Flamenco Festival 2018

The second edition of the Bruselas Flamenco Festival brings the magic of flamenco in all its forms: music, dance and cinema. This years focus is on cultural encounters and exchanges, be they Mediterranean or gypsy. With Misa Flamenca from Sevilla, Dorantes and Taksim Trio, workshop with Txarly Brown and Jonatan 'Ximenes' Jiménez, Chicuelo & Marinah, Rumbamazigha, Fuensantala la Moneta with the dance performance 'Divine Human Love' and cinema with Carlos Saura's latest La Jota and the award winning documentary on Erique Morente: Omega.

AC/E supports the participation of the groups Rumba Catalana and Misa Flamenca.

Catalan Rumba: 02 March2018
The Catalan rumba dates back to the early 1950s and the Gipsy community who lived in Barcelona's Gràcia and Raval districts. This unique mix of flamenco song, Cuban rhythms and rock’n roll very quickly attracted its adherents and brought as such outstanding voices as Antonio González "El Pescaílla", Peret and Josep Maria Valentí "El Chacho". Jonatan "Ximenis" Jiménez is the worthy successor to these three masters of the rumba. At the age of 30, this guitarist and composer has already headed the group Arrels de Gràcia and worked with artists such as the Gipsy Kings, Manuel Malou and Peret. At BOZAR the musician will be revealing the full measure of his talent, embellished with musical examples from the richly documented introduction to the Catalan rumba, proposed by the expert on the genre, DJ Txarly Brown.

Misa Flamenca: 28 February 2018 — 20:00
The Andalusian city of Jerez de la Frontera is known for its enduring folklore and the pagan exuberance and religious fervour of its celebrations. Artists from the famous district of Santiago, which has a long tradition of song are giving you the chance to enjoy the unique experience of a flamenco mass in the divine setting of the church of Our Lady of the Sablon. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover Santiago cante, the beauty of which resides in their deep, contained sadness. The ceremony will take place under the expert supervision of Chris De Paepe, teacher of Romance languages at the KU Leuven and specialist in Spanish poetry and literature.

Fuensanta "La MOneta" Divino Amor Humano: 03 March 2018 — 20:00
Fuensanta “La Moneta” is the rising star of flamenco dance. Critically acclaimed from the age of 16, today the dancer has acquired international recognition and is applauded on the major stages of Europe, Asia and America. Her show “Divino Amor Humano” is a subtle aesthetic union of dance, poetry, song and scenography. As she attunes her gestures to the verses of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, La Moneta gives herself over to movements that are at times passionate, at times gentle, but always full of depth and conviction. Acoustic and electric instruments provide the backdrop to these poetic canvases, ensuring the show is firmly anchored in the contemporary artistic scene.

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