El Dorado Flamenco programme 2019

El Dorado Flamenco programme 2019

During 2019 AC/E is supporting the Barcelona-based flamenco society El Dorado SFB, which aims to examine in depth and disseminate flamenco culture, establish a permanent space for studying and disseminating flamenco in Barcelona, and promote musicians and other local and national flamenco artists.
Flamenco turned into the twenty-first century with a by no means negligible heritage of its own. It has withstood widespread acculturation and the replacement of popular culture with mass culture. Despite the standardisation, syncretism and homogenisation of styles imposed on the music creation sector by economic interests, flamenco has preserved its unique features and has successfully evolved by embracing the artistic proposals of its performers, who have constantly come up with new, often groundbreaking, ideas to contribute to the common artistic heritage.
Ever since the genre first started out, Barcelona has played a key role in the development of flamenco culture. Flamenco was present at the opening of the Liceo opera house in 1847 and in the city’s cafés with live entertainment, especially the Villa Rosa run by the Borrull family, which hosted all the leading names of the period (Chacón, Manuel Torre, Ramón Montoya, Sabicas, Pastora Pavón...). The chronicles written by Sebastià Gasch for his column in the weekly Mirador and the atmosphere of Manquet, the bar where the Amayas used to perform with their daughter Carmen, attest to the vitality flamenco enjoyed then, as does the fact that Vicente Escudero, a close friend of Gasch and Joan Miró, made Barcelona his second home after Paris.
El Dorado SFB is a cultural association that relies on the volunteer work of its members and constantly promotes and disseminates flamenco culture in Barcelona by establishing a permanent space that brings together cultural and musical activities related to flamenco in order to take part in and influence the city’s culture scene. Among other activities it organises talks, debates, exhibitions, films and above all concerts to help flamenco develop its potential, catering to the various trends and the resulting dynamics.
El Dorado is based at the Centro Cívico Parc Sandaru and enjoys full use of all its facilities – concert hall, exhibition and meeting rooms, etc. – for all its events.

Programme for 2019, supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
21 March: Concert by Leonor Leal, dancer, and Antonio Moreno, percussion. ‘Se prohíbe el cante’. In collaboration with the cycle ‘Danza. Quincena Metropolitana’.
28 March: Concert bringing to an end the cycle ‘El Ojo Partido’ with the participation of guitarists Alfredo Lagos, Raúl Cantizano, Marta Robles and Ekaterina Zaytseva.

11 April: Concert comprising singing and guitar music by Manuel Gerena and Juan Ignacio González.
2 May: Concert by David Peña Dorantes (piano) y Javi Ruibal (percusión).
9 May: Performance de José Manuel Gutierrez, El Gufi​.
23 May: Concert by Carlos Benavent, Roger Mas, Aleix Tobias and Tomasito (dance).
6 June: Concierto de José Quevedo,” Bolita”, Pablo Martín Caminero, y Paquito González.
19 June: Talk by Guillermo MacGill & Pere Pons; “Flamenco – Jazz a pie de obra”​.
20 June: Concert. Mariola Membrives, Guitar Band​
27 June: Guitar concert by José Antonio Rodríguez.

Course on ‘Flamenco, a modern popular art’ as part of the summer programme organised every year by the University of Barcelona, ‘Els Juliols de la UB’.

3 October: CONCERT. Esperanza Fernández, cante, y Miguel Ángel Cortes, guitarra.
10 October: CONCERT Santiago Lara & Antonio González, guitarras
17 October: CONFERENCE Pepa Sánchez, Mineras y tarantos: Análisis melódico.
23 October: CONCERT José Manuel Álvarez, baile. Pepe de Pura, cante. José Almarcha, guitarra.
6 - 21 November: EXHIBITION. Noelia Iniesta & Paloma Pérez. Visiones del Flamenco.
7 November: CONCERTKiKi Morente, cante. David Carmona, guitarra. Pedro Gabarre “Popo”, percussió
21 de November: CONCERT José Valencia, cante Juan Requena, guitarra.
28 November: CONFERENCE Faustino Núñez Antonio Gades. Disciplina y Libertad.
12 December: CONCERT Isabel Bayón, baile. Miguel Ángel Soto “El Londro”, cante. Miguel Ortega, cante. Jesús Torres, guitarra
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