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Estampa 2017. Contemporary Art Fair. 25th Edition

Estampa 2017. Contemporary Art Fair. 25th Edition
Madrid has been hosting ESTAMPA: Contemporary Art Fair in the autumn since 1993. The fair seeks to showcase the Spanish art market and bring together national and international agents as well as the public at large. It is therefore an excellent opportunity for foreign guests to become acquainted with the Spanish art and collecting scene. More than 80 exhibitors took part this year and the focus was on collectors of contemporary art in Spain’s cultural environment.

Once again, ESTAMPA 2017, the 25th edition, was held in Matadero Madrid. As well as the general programme for galleries, this year it featured a special programme curated by Guillermo Espinosa, with specific projects for prints made by Spanish artists. This year the art forum was directed by Rosina Gomez Baeza who, together with Lucía Ibarra, discussed the evolution of contemporary art in Spain from the transition to democracy to the present day.

AC/E supported the participation of international influencers, critics and programmers through the Mobility grants. 

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