Márgenes Festival 2017

Márgenes Festival 2017

Márgenes is a film festival dedicated to new audiovisual trends in Spain, Latin America and Portugal. It combines online and offline exhibition of the films on show. In just six editions, the Festival has become an essential, national and international reference, as independently and risky part of the Latin American film production.  It is the only independent Ibero-American film festival that combines online and face-to-face exhibitions with venues spread out on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  

The seventh edition of the festival is held from November 23 to December 23, 2017. The Official section can be seen at the venues of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Córdoba, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile and Montevideo and streaming online. AC/E supports the participation of international programmers in the professional meeting MRG // WORK. The program also includes retrospective information shows, premieres, special passes, audiovisual literacy training activities, seminars and other meetings.
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