FICUNAM 2018. UNAM International Film Festival

FICUNAM 2018. UNAM International Film Festival

FICUNAM is a film festival conceived and produced by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in 2011 and it aims to bring to Mexico the most innovative of contemporary cinema, in addition to the task of opening spaces for the exhibition, analysis and discussion of author's cinema in Mexico. The Festival explores avant-garde proposals of cinema with special preference to the formal aspects of the films and has particular interest in showing its audience the connection with other disciplines.

For the eighth edition, the festival is using film as a tool for education and analysis, on one hand; and of integration and socialization on the other; just as it intends to support civil sociaty to use cinema to reapropriate and rescue the public spaces.

AC/E supports the presentation and screening of films, and participation in conferences, of several Spanish filmmakers. It is also expected that these same filmmakers will hold round tables at the UNAM with film students.

On the image of the Festival for this year:

A watery, marbled bottom. Some glasses, some bones, some fish. A clock without hands as a component of the dream: a clock without time. In this space in movement, objects flow in a cinematographic narration where leading roles coexist. An enigma surrounds this pattern of elements, a continuous action that refers directly to the cinema materializes in the new image of FICUNAM. With this proposal by Pablo Vargas Lugo (Mexico City, 1968), a solid representative of contemporary art in Mexico, FICUNAM celebrates its eighth edition. "An image does not have an absolute value, images and sounds have the value and power that people assign them." (Robert Bresson)

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