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From Letters to Books

Designed to be installed in urban settings and to prompt the involvement and participation of people, the project promotes knowledge of Spanish culture – in this case by disseminating language and writing in Spanish.

Three activities are planned for this exhibition project. They are designed to have a powerful visual impact and media appeal and are essentially interactive:
► Giant Voice: 70 two-metre-high helium-filled balloons are placed in a square or landmark urban setting for people to make words with in Spanish or in other languages to be translated into Spanish.
► The World, a Giant Poem: Composition of a giant 150-metre-long poem in a significant street or spot in the city. It is written collectively over the course of a day and the activity can be carried out simultaneously in different cities.
► Book Cities: Writing of all kinds of texts in urban spaces, converting the streets into pages of a huge book. Citizens take part by writing and can access the texts through a website.
The aim of this urban exhibition is to relate books, words and people, thereby fostering knowledge of the language through citizens’ participation and at the same time encouraging popular expression.
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