GIBCA 2017, 9 Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art

GIBCA 2017, 9 Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art

GIBCA presents acclaimed national and international contemporary art. Each biennial consists of several major exhibitions taking place both in established art institutions as well as the public space. A rich educational program is developed for children and youth and program activties include guided tours (in four different languages), artist talks, conferences and performance. The organiser of GIBCA is the Röda Sten Konsthall, who are the applicant for this current funding opportunity.

GIBCA 2017 animates public discourse on a subject of urgent social and political significance, that of secularity and will revolve around the question "what role should secularity have in society today?" GIBCA 2017 is curated by Nav Haq, Senior Curator at MuHKA Antwerp, and presents the works of approx. 30 artists in established exhibition arenas and in the public and semi-public space in Gothenburg. The biennial will include a wide programme of seminars, film screenings, mediation formats.

AC/E supports the participacion of  Francesc Ruiz with his project "The Street".  Francesc Ruiz has undertaken extensive research into the history of comic books, particularly in relation to issues of subculture, social class and sexuality in different cultural contexts. For this project titled “The Street”, he is interested in creating the construction of narratives using a commercial street as non-linear comics in which every shop window works as one panel of a comic strip. The installation will take the form of a life-size street, made through a large drawing by Ruiz, which people can walk through to view.
Ruiz will design and build an actual street façade structure based on his drawings, similar to the ones used on the sets of films and TV series, creating only the façade, to simulate a street. This street will be approximately 20 metres in length, and will be presented outdoors in public space and developed in a site-specific way, following site research undertaken by Ruiz in Gothenburg.

AC/E also supports the participation of Pedro G. Romero with the project The Archivo F.X., that Pedro G. Romero has been developing since 1999, consisting of a vast collection of images and artefacts documenting iconoclasm in Spain between 1845 and 1945.
Pedro G. Romero has used the archive to create numerous research-based exhibitions in different international institutions. Often he uses material in the archive to create philosophical links to movements of the artistic avant-garde. In the archive, individual documents of iconoclasm – including decapitated statues, stained pictures, demolished buildings, expropriated sacred space, the reuse of religious buildings, the melting down of objects of worship for civil industry - are coupled and archived with names of styles, artists, movements, titles of magazines, artists and works of the modern avant-garde.
A continuing expanding tool, the Archivo F.X. is presented and communicated in formats that range from publications or multimedia objects to complex exhibitions, thus continuously redrafting the archive’s conceptual framework from new perspectives.
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