Huesca International Theatre and Dance Fair 2017

Huesca International Theatre and Dance Fair 2017

Huesca International Theatre and Dance Fair is a meeting place for professionals involved in the production, staging and distribution of the contemporary performing arts in Spain, Europe and Latin America. For this purpose, in addition to live performances, it features spaces where artists can get to know each other and exchange ideas, reflecting on and analysing the aspects involved in the evolution of the sector and the professional development of the participants. The festival will be held in the Palacio de Congresos in Huesca and in various theatres and venues in the city.

AC/E is supporting the participation of international professionals from the performing arts sector in the professional sessions organised in connection with the fair: ‘What does networking mean?
#future proposals'
2nd phase of the work: Contacts for networking–internationalisation

Following the interest aroused by the first session ‘What does networking mean, analysis of current models and future proposals’, which was held in Madrid in January 2017 during MadFeria, COFAE is organising this second phase focused on establishing channels for collaboration and sharing work between local and international networks.

During the session the Spanish institutions involved in the first edition will meet the people responsible for platforms that bring together international networking organisations in different latitudes, with a twofold aim: to open up Spain’s performing arts sector; and to share coordination models, exchange experiences and devise joint strategies for promoting professionals’ mobility. 
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