Johan Inger’s 'Carmen' performed by the CND at the Teatro Colón in Bogotá

Johan Inger’s 'Carmen' performed by the CND at the Teatro Colón in Bogotá

As part of the activities scheduled for the Spain-Colombia Foco Cultura 2018/2019, AC/E is organising a performance of Carmen by the Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND) with a choreography by Johan Inger. 
This two-act ballet was premiered by the Compañía Nacional de Danza on 9 April 2015 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid. Inger’s approach to this universal myth makes a new contribution because it focuses on the theme of violence from the perspective of a pure, uncontaminated gaze… that of a child. Starting from this approach, Inger creates a character that turns the audience into witnesses of everything that occurs through the child’s innocent eyes, while they experience their own transformation.

‘There is a certain mystery about this character; it could be any child, it could be Don José as a boy, it could be the young Michaela or the new-born son of Carmen and José. It could even be us, our primitive goodness wounded by an experience of violence which, although brief, would have had a negative influence on our lives and on our ability to relate to others forever.

My Carmen is based on Mérimée’s original story, in which the true protagonist is José, who, uncapable of tolerating his beloved’s freedom, descends into the underworld driven by man’s most primitive instincts, passion and revenge.’
Johan Inger

Direction and choreography : Johan Inger
Assistant choreographer: Urtzi Aranburu
Music: Rodion Shchedrin and Georges Bizet
Additional original music: Marc Álvarez
Playwright: Gregor Acuña-Pohl
Stage design: Curt Allen Wilmer (AAPEE)
Assistant stage designer: Isabel Ferrández Barrios
Lighting: Tom Visser
Costume: David Delfín
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