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Madrid Design Festival 2018

Madrid Design Festival 2018
Madrid Design Festival is an international festival that turns Spain into a reference for world design. The event covers all disciplines of design, from architecture to graphic design, web design or interior design, hybridizing all of them in a contemporary and innovative format.

The festival generates a high impact and gives visibility to the creative industries. It brings together leading Spanish and foreign professionals  to reflect on the sector’s present and future and to raise public awareness of the importance of design in society through lectures, workshops, collaborative projects, studio visits and exhibitions. It also encourages the creation of professional agreements and facilitates the consolidation of business structures. AC/E supports the participation of international programmers to give a first hand knowledge of Spanish design. 

It is an appointment full of ambitious proposals that places the design in the cultural calendar of the city, attracting a national and international audience to its exhibition spread throughout the capital.
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