New Festival of World Literature 2017

New Festival of World Literature 2017

Festival of World Literature consists of 6 types of literary events: live interviews, discussion between 1 foreign and 1 national author, discussion between author and his translator or editor, round tables, graphic novel events and talk with an author lead by young students. Apart from literature, visual art and music, Festival includes film programme with movies based on books and exhibition with portraits of the Festival participants as well as paintings inspired by motives from their books.

5th Festival of World Literature will take place in Zagreb and Split. It will present new books, bring together audience and authors throughout literary, art and film programs - chats, forums, exhibitions, screenings - intended for the public and particularly young audience, with the assistance of simultaneous interpretation. This year festival will host around 50 authors from Austria, England, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Norway, Serbia, Spain, USA and Croatia.

AC/E supports the participation of Clara Usón and María Fasce.  

Clara Usón is presenting her work "Double Portrait". Double Portrait brings one Croatian and one foreign author with similar areas of interest in discussion. Lead by moderator, conversation is focused on the topics they both write in their work; discussing about similarities and differences of society and culture in these two countries. Therefore, in the framework of this activity Clara Usón will have an opportunity to present and discuss her recently translated book "La hija del Este" in Croatia translated as "Kći Istoka". This is the book of great interest for Croatian readers because it goes back to the origins of the countries that made Yugoslavia and adds a familiar and real dimension to the terrible drama of the war in the Balkans.

María Fasce is presenting her book "The Woman of Isla Negra". In a live talk with moderator, María Fasce will, for the first time in Croatia, present her book "The Woman of Isla Negra", the novel about girl named Elisa and her mother Raquel who leave behind their home and go to Isla Negra to move in with Pablo Neruda in his house where Raquel works as his maid and little Elisa spies on his poems and love affairs. The arrival of Neruda’s wife, Delia del Carril, an aristocratic and stunning Argentine painter, breathes new life into the house. However, Raquel harbours an important secret.
María Fasce will talk about this incredible love story full of sensuality and tension based on real events and characters and its literary power which move and disturb readers in equal measure
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