Objetivo Mordzinski. Journey to the Heart of Spanish-American Literature

Objetivo Mordzinski. Journey to the Heart of Spanish-American Literature

Objetivo Mordzinski is a photographic approach to Spanish-American literary creation through the gaze of artist Daniel Mordzinski, who has been making portraits of writers for more than three decades and has published many books of photographs on literature, particularly Spanish-language literature.

The show is directly connected with the nature of the international Spanish-language conference that will host it for the first time: the VII Congreso Internacional de la Lengua Española, which is due to take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in March 2016.  
The exhibition features approximately 220 photographs (nearly 100 of which are new). These core exhibits are accompanied by a section linked to the Puerto Rico conference, with images of writers from this country and of Mario Vargas Llosa and Emilio Lledó, who are guests of honour at this year’s edition.

The exhibition is focused on attempting to convey to audiences the international and multicultural nature of the Spanish language and its magnificent role in structuring the Spanish-American community, the American continent and, in general, today’s world. The artist’s photographs show a living, dynamic and varied literary reality shaped by three generations of men and women who have built the collective imaginary from words in their countless books, poems, festivals, songs, plays and essays.

Objetivo Mordzinski  is an ongoing project aimed at constructing this geography that is intangible but visible to readers and viewers from all over the world – literature in Spanish – and underlining its importance as well as that of Spanish itself as a language, industry and standard bearer in the world. 
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Objetivo Mordzinski (eBook)

Objetivo Mordzinski (eBook)

  • Type: Exhibition catalogue
Journey to the Heart of Spanish-American Literature

Este catálogo reúne una selección de las obras en exposición del fotógrafo Daniel Mordzinski. Una aproximación fotográfica a la creación literaria hispanoamericana This catalogue contains a selection of works in the exhibition by the photographer Daniel Mordzinski.

A photographic approach to the Latin American literary creation through the eyes of an artist
, who works portraying writers for over three decades. The words and photographs, as reality and desire, twine a work of art we enjoy as spectators and Daniel Mordzinski offers us as a tribute to his intuition and his teaching.




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