Oslo International flamenco festival 2018

Oslo International flamenco festival 2018

The Oslo International Flamenco Festival (OIFF) was formed in September 2015. The OIFF will have its first edition in August 2017. The Board of Directors was formed by students and teachers of Flamenco living in Norway and Scandinavia with support from Spanish professionals, managers and artists. The Festival aims to collect important human values through the flamenco art in different themes. It promotes the diffusion and innovation of the flamenco and the fusion with other arts, world music, dance styles and the academic exchange in relationship with the education and apprenticeship of flamenco. This is developed through various projects following as main line the cultural diversity.

"Soul & Resistance" is a cross-border flamenco collaboration which will be part of the annual Oslo International flamenco festival (OIFF), Stockholm Flamenco All-stars (Flamenco Fredag) and performances at Helsinki and Copenhagen.

A collaborative flamenco production at Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Finland & Spain aiming to strengthen cultural diversity, integration and social/gender equality. This project aims to achieve innovation and evolution in Spanish and Nordic flamenco, creating new methods of cross-border collaboration and creation between both Spanish and Nordic area.
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