Poetry Vicenza 2018 - International Poetry Festival

Poetry Vicenza 2018 - International Poetry Festival

Poetry Vicenza is a festival of poetry and contemporary music that in this year's fourth edition has the support of AC/E in the participation of poet, writer and artist Juan Carlos Mestre who will offer a series of poetic readings with actors and musicians at the Palazzo Leoni Montanari, and will exhibit his watercolors at TheArtsBox Gallery; of Alexandra Dominguez that will exhibit her prints and paintings, and read her poems in a musical performance that will alternate tradition with experimentation.

A multidisciplinary event, directed by Marco Fazzini, the festival takes place in some of the most significant places in Vicenza, such as the Palazzo Leoni Montanari, the Spazio Bixio Theater, or the Palladian Basilica. The festival brings together for a week artists, writers, actors, poets, translators, musicians, composers, gallerists and publishers to offer their particular vision of today's society. It shows how, through writing, commitment and creativity, poetry finds new forms of communication in the contemporary world. Poetry Vicenza is first of all a geographical and mental space where literature and other arts are in a spirit of creative freedom.

In line with this hybrid spirit, and with the aim of reaffirming the union between the musicality and orality of poetry, each of the literary quotations is also translated into a musical or artistic initiative. The participating authors, coming from several countries, will propose original points of view and comments to the poetic texts, and will add music, painting or performance to their poetic readings. Contemporary music reaches here an essential role, as a means to emphasize the expressiveness and musicality of poetry.
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