PURPLE 2018. International Dance Festival for Young Audience

PURPLE 2018. International Dance Festival for Young Audience

In addition to a professional stage programme featuring numerous dance performances, PURPLE also offers an extensive supporting programme. Their goal is to make children and young people curious and enthusiastic about dance. To do so, they have put together a joyful and energetic programme presenting various aesthetic approaches and types of content from the international contemporary dance scene.

In their second edition we do not only wish to diversify young people's viewing habits, but also encourage them to participate, empathize, and think outside the box. The festival is aimed at children and young people ages 6 and over and at anyone who is interested. Most of the dance performances will take place in the morning, in order to enable school classes to attend during school hours.

AC/E supports the participation of Iron Skulls Co with the show "Sinestesia". Based in Barcelona, Iron Skulls is a dance collective dating back to 2012-13, though originating from the Bboying (Breakdance) group called Iron Skulls Crew, formed in 2005. Composed of dancers from several areas of Spain, it is known for its distinctive style, bringing together various disciplines, and always aiming to further the influences incorporated into their productions.

Members of the dance company come from various backgrounds including breakdance, hip-hop, contemporary dance and acrobatics and they draw inspiration from various disciplines including martial arts, musical production, design and fashion. This eclectic mix of influences gives the group their distinctive style and their thirst for creative input from other disciplines gives them a wealth of avenues to explore and the knowledge necessary to implement their increasingly ambitious productions.

"Sinestesia" represents a post-apocalyptic world where, through experimental dance, a group of survivors is formed and begins a journey toward safety. Throughout the piece, Hip-Hop, acrobatics and contemporary dance merge to create a language where the line between human and animal is blurred, inviting the spectator into a game of sensorial interference.

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