(S8) Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico 2017 (8th edition)

(S8) Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico 2017 (8th edition)

(S8) is a film festival that takes place in A Coruña during the first week of June.  (S8) brings to the city a range of international films with a unique concept in Spain.The name of the festival is a direct reference to Super 8, the spirit that pervades the event: an analogue, personal and popular format which, in addition to preserving our recent memories, made it possible for filmmakers who now enjoy worldwide renown to develop the independence and freedom needed to take their first (and risky) steps and played an essential role in bringing about a shift in the methods of filmmaking by enabling directors to work autonomously. 

The programme is divided into various sections which reflect the most stimulating aspects of films of the present and past. Music, the performing arts and the visual arts also have a place in the Mostra, which features installations and performances that reflect the constant feedback between the various artistic disciplines. Education likewise plays a key role in (S8) through activities such as presentations, workshops and professional meetings that lend dynamism to the daily activities of the Mostra and make it an event in which citizens are closely involved. This international event opens up A Coruña to the world, as it turns the city into a focus of both national and international attention, brings together the most interesting active filmmakers and professionals and is attended by the leading media.

Every year the opening of the Festival is a special celebration of the cinema. This year, Faust, the last film made in Germany by F.W. Murnau, in a new print restored by Luciano Berriatúa, will be the masterpiece opening the 8th edition of (S8) next Friday May 26th in the Palacio de la Ópera. The live soundtrack will be performed by the Galician Symphonic Orchestra, that in 2017 is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The Orchestra will be directed this night by José Ramón Encinar, and it will feature the soprano Ilduara Perianes and the mezzosoprano María Rivera. They will perform the score written by Jesús Torres, awarded with the Spanish National Music Award in 2012, and whose works have been in prestigious venues all around the world.
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