Santiago Off International Festival 2018

Santiago Off International Festival 2018

The Santiago Off Festival is held annually for 10 consecutive days in four regions of Chile. Its circuit of theatre programming is public and it takes place in independent rooms, universities and spaces of international cooperation; in addition,there is a circuit for the extension of communal spaces. It develops activities of training, dramaturgy, exhibition, circulation, cultural exchange and new audiences. It has reached up to 50,000 spectators in its 6 previous editions.

The international programme of the 7th edition of the Santiago Off Festival includes 17 international shows in the category of performing arts, with the presence of two European countries (Spain and France) as well as seven Latin American countries. AC/E supports the participation of the Spanish company Bullanga that has been selected by the Fesstival to perform two functions of its play "Girls Game".

The play "Girls game" reproduces a meeting of parents of students, the perfect opportunity to show misery, hobbies and prejudices. Based on real events, it shows how short distances show better the real self of people. The spectators, turned into progenitors, occupy the interior of a classroom. There they will participate in a children's dance or remain in silence when the outbreak of the conflict starts. One of the professors is accused of abuses. The human mob is unleashed. From comedy to drama. Without indoctrination, awakening the positioning of the public, questioning everything, from whatsapp groups of parents to certain teaching practices, it all appears in this great work of theatre.

The Bullanga company generates its own texts, leaves creative freedom for its actors and enhances the relationship with the audience, making the audience part of the fiction, beyond its role as simple participants. 
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