becoming. Spain Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

becoming. Spain Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

'becoming' is the name given to the exhibition proposal for 2018. Located among learning environments of Architecture and continuing with the appropriate and temporary character of the previous Spanish pavilion Unfinished, becoming shows Spanish architecture via the works of a superb set of home-grown architects - where women are currently more in number than men - that demands rethinking the conditions of learning environments in connection with the new emergencies of the present, abandoning predefined order schemes.
Within these fields of learning and investigating, becoming focuses in the actions, discourses and productions of the students, showing the complexity of our operational logics and trying to transform them into systems as simple as the choreographies of day to day life itself to make them accessible to all citizens.
Far from the disciplinary autism, with no closed categories, no specific topics or excluding fields, becoming is an experience which opens the door to an unknown atmosphere where the students build up the conflicts, the needs and other ways of living the world.
becoming will draw an informational layer in the 1952 pavilion designed by the architect Vaquero Palacios. On its physical and virtual walls (, four hundreds works from Spanish learning environments collected through a national open call will speak about future architecture.

'Freespace' is the motto chosen by the Irish architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley Mcnamara as part of their responsibility as the exhibition curators of the 16th Architecture Biennale that will take place in Venice in 2018. As they point out, Freespace encourages revising the ways of thinking with new ways of seeing the world, to invent solutions where architecture provides the citizens of this fragile world with wellbeing and dignity. It is precisely the understanding of freespace as a space filled with a free, non-programmed space filled with opportunities for uses yet to be imagined, the one which we gather to curate the Spanish Pavilion.
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