Sticky Fingers' International Children Festival 2018

Sticky Fingers' International Children Festival 2018

Sticky Fingers' Festival is a landmark event on the island of Ireland. Now in its 10th year, it has been growing each year, bringing more ambitious and exciting arts and creative events to Newry. Sticky Fingers Arts believes that it is every child's right to take part in and enjoy arts events and opportunities that are created especially for their age and interest.

AC/E supports the performance of the show "My Father is an Ogre" by La Baldufa. A show that talks about good and evil, about the wickedness of the good and the virtue of the villains, punishment, guilt, solidarity, and justice. A journey to the country of Ogres, a song for hope. This is a multidisciplinary theatre that is recommended to an audience age of 8 years and upwards.

Two men trapped in a limited space will show their light and shadow, good and evil. Human beings have the inherent ability to act either in the pettiest or the noblest way. We all have a Jekyll and Hyde. The characters have been in contact with the shadows of society which is in no way harmless. It permeates, it stains, it intoxicates. Despite this, they try to look for comfort in light, in what is called "a normal existence". In fact, the show wants to value the strength of human beings to resist surrendering to the most sinister side of life. Actually, it is a song of hope. The intent of this show is also to reflect on deprivation of liberty and also forgiveness through physical theatre and clowning, contrasting moments of tenderness and humor, a lump in the throat and a smile.

La Baldufa, once again, seeks to create a quality artistic show for children of which adults can also make the most. This is the "all audien- ces" concept.

The festival  creates theatre for the senses, innovative, with rigor and quality. They also like to explain uncomfortable and emotional situations, and to let stories happen in such an unusual place as a prison.
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