The Sunshine: Episode 10. Nothing is True, Everything is Alive

The Sunshine: Episode 10. Nothing is True, Everything is Alive

"Nothing is true, everything is alive" is a curatorial research exercise on different paradigm shifts —regarding language, touch  and  epistemology— stemming from a series scientific processes initiated by Spanish curator Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga. The project proposes a  three part  conversation between curator Julia Morandeira Arrizabalaga and artists Carlos Monleón and Carlos Fernández Pello through  an mutating  exhibition format hosting installations, workshops  and  performative talks. All of the works inscribed in the project are aimed to experiment with and re-direct attention to texture, skin, affect, muscular and molecular levels, in order to summon other forms of absorption, production, transformation and transmission (of knowledge, of experience, of affects, and more) and invent new devices to convey these.

​Peryton is a new exhibition space in central Copenhagen and the home to Oberon, an international contemporary art journal. It was conceived as a way to develop the themes and content of the journal within an exhibition program, and as a way to locate the conversations of the magazine within the various communities of Copenhagen and its visitors. The first series of exhibitions at Peryton is called The Sunshine.

The Sunshine pairs sound and vision in the glow of artificial daylight. Across a series of exhibitions, works are presented on a set of modular frames. The room is lit by a freestanding afternoon window. Organisers (artists, curators, writers etc.) are invited to pair a work with a sound: an artwork is paired with a soundtrack; a field recording with a performance; works that already have sound play off each other. Sound and recordings, so attached to time and repetition, are presented in a frozen moment, at the edge of the day, as the sun cusps the horizon.

The exhibition space at Peryton builds on an editorial process of association, of placing things in proximity. In being close to, near to, far from, meaning blossoms, seeps, erupts. Relationships are born from a consideration of distance. Announcing one thing’s proximity to another, connecting them for a moment, sparks association and recalls memories.
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