TTT, Territorios Teatrales Transitables 2017

TTT, Territorios Teatrales Transitables 2017

TTT - Territorios Teatrales Transitables (Theatrical Territories) is organised by the international company Residui Teatro annually in Madrid. This year's second edition aims to reflect on the possible paths for theatre to take, on the poetics and the transformation that performing arts entail on both personal and social level. TTT is a place of encounter for masters from all over the world that have brought about strong transformations in their original contexts and, in certain cases, have determined new artistic perspectives on the international level.

AC/E supports the participation of international programmers trough the PICE grants to promote the creation of networks and facilitate the collaboration and exchange among performing arts professionals.  The meeting aims to give answers to certain questions with the help of the guest masters, with the support of the cultural institutions, both local and international, and with professional performance artists coming from different countries of the world.

TTT is also a place of encounter of young artists interested in the performance arts and masters whose main occupation is to pass on knowledge. The guest masters come from different cultural contexts, and each and every one of them, depending on their field of expertise, try to pass on to the young their experience and the tradition so that they get acquainted with it and, in due time, enrich it with their contribution, and in the end pass it on.

The main venue for the realization of the festival activities is the CAAE (Centre of Performing Arts and Crafts), directed by the Residui Teatro. In addition to this space, the activities will take place in the alternative venues in Madrid in the district of Arganzuela that has been collaborating with Residui Teatro, and the auditoriums of the public entities that have offered their support for the initiative. TTT festival will be officially opened on the 25th of September at 10 am. The opening ceremony will be attended by the masters that will participate in the festival: Jarosław Fret director of Grotowski Institute - Teatr ZAR (Poland), Presemysław Błaszczak from the Grotowski Institute - Teatr ZAR (Poland), Miguel Rubio and Rebeca Ralli from the Cultural group Yuyachkani (Peru), Keiin Yoshimura (Japon), Luis Ibar director of Cartaphilus Teatro (Mexico), Marigia Maggipinto member of the company Tanztheater Pina Bausch from 1989 until 1999 (Italy) Rosario R.Rodgers from Teatro de la Abadia (Spain), José Sanchís Sinisterra* (Spain), Gregorio Amicuzi and Viviana Bovino from the Cía Residui Teatro (Italy) that will participate in the TTT and the organizations that support and collaborate on the event.
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