50 Photographs with a Story "La niña blanca" (1958). "Joy sosteniendo la fotografía de su madre: Ángeles Hernández Dominguez" (2011). Carlos Pérez Siquier

50 Photographs with a Story

#50FotosConHistoriaExpo |  is an exhibition that surveys the history of photography in Spain over the past eight years. It shows the history behind fifty or so pictures to provide viewers with a better grasp of the essence of the work and the photographer, as well as their importance in the evolution of this discipline. They represent fifty different gazes full of nuances: documentary photographs, portraits, photojournalism, street photography and artistic photographs come together in ‘50 Photographs with a Story’. 

The writer Eduardo Galeano stated that human beings are not made up of atoms but of stories. And if storytelling is the basis of our memory and all our desires, it is also, by extension, the basis of photographic language. Photography is therefore not a universal language: photographers each use a tool – the camera – to shape their own voice, their own search, their own dialogue with the observer. And at the centre of this dialogue there is always an underlying story, which can be related to the historical context, to the technique or to the people in the photograph, but always to the photographer’s gaze. 
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50 Photographs with a Story | Matias Costa "Cargo"
50 Photographs with a Story | Matias Costa "Cargo"




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