World Online School Chess Tournament. Expo Dubai 2020

In keeping with the motto of Expo Dubai 2020 –'Connect minds, build the future'-, Acción Cultural Española wanted to take advantage of the enormous potential of chess to develop intelligence and promote coexistence, organizing the World Online School Chess Tournament, where more than 2,600 children from 54 countries have participated. 

THE TEAM OF INDIA IS PROCLAIMED THE WINNER OF THE WORLD CHESS TOURNAMENT organized by the Spanish Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020. A total of 108 teenagers from ten countries in twelve teams played the face-to-face final from November 25 to 29. In keeping with the motto of Expo Dubai 2020 –'Connect minds, build the future'-, Acción Cultural Española has wanted to take advantage of the enormous potential of chess to develop intelligence and promote coexistence, organizing this tournament. 

FINAL (25 - 29 November 2021, face-to-face at Expo Dubai) 
⇒ See 12 qualified Teams and Tournament Rules

Competitions start from 10 December 2020 at the Chess24 PLATFORM 
⇒ See Registered TEAMS 
⇒ See Registered Countries 
⇒ See General information 
Groups 1 to 26: 
See calendar and pairings of the preliminary phase. 
Groups 27 a 37: 
⇒ Group Composition 
⇒ See calendar and pairings of the preliminary phase 
(If any team which had to play in February has not been in those groups, contact us at​ 
⇒ See classifications of the three  preliminary phases  
Registration period finished 12 November 2020. 
► For more information about rules and entry forms: → Download dossier  
► More info: |​ 

Chess is a universal game (191 countries in the International Chess Federation) that goes back over a thousand years. It came to Europe through the Arabs, who in the 8th century brought it to the Iberian Peninsula. The chess that is played throughout the world today was created in Spain at the end of the 15th century, when the queen became the most powerful piece. From there, it spread to western Europe and the Americas. Its common language allows people to communicate regardless of race, language, religion, age or gender. 

The Spain Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, in line with the theme of this universal exposition of "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", has invited all member countries to participate in an event that aims to "increase intelligence for life" and expand awareness of the potential of chess as a key educational tool, as supported by sound scientific studies. 

Given the unanimous opinion that education is the best tool for ensuring an intelligent future, what better than a game that consists of thinking and developing many different values? Moreover, there are also very reliable studies that consider chess the best mental gymnastics for delaying or preventing the ageing of the brain and Alzheimer's.

Event organization and schedule

The event we propose is unprecedented in the world of chess in terms of the potential participants involved, as it is open to all the countries (almost 200) that participate in Expo Dubai 2020. Combined with its duration, this scope makes the competition a global model for interconnected chess via the Internet. 
2.1. Age range of the school participants 
Any player born after  31 December 2003 can participate (any category up to Sub16 inclusive). 
2.2. Participation in the Tournament 
All interested schools may enter, provided that they have the minimum technological requirements for participating in the competition (details below). 
Countries participating in Expo 2020 are asked for their support in publicizing the event, and the countries that have a team classified for the finals are asked to help by paying their teams' travel costs to Dubai and giving visibility to the presence of their teams at the Expo. 
2.3. Registration and selection of the teams 
Each educational centre interested in participating must register via a computer application installed on the official tournament portal. It has to provide details on its activities related to chess. 
This system provides the opportunity for all schools to participate while also stimulating those who have incorporated chess into their activities or want to increase its importance. 
When a team classifies and classifies for the on-site final, the country pays the costs of the trip and stays for its teams in Dubai and ensures the visibility of their presence ensures the Expo. 
2.4. Participants per team 
Each team is composed of: 
7 first-team players 
2 reserves 
There is also: 
One captain: 
and an adult delegate responsible for the team during the whole competition. 
Section 3, the Tournament Rules, explains these requirements in more detail. 
Schools are urged to make their balance between male and female players as equal as possible. 
2.5. Speed of the games 
The games are played over 20 minutes, with 10 more seconds per move for each of the two players. The time is controlled by an online chess clock for each game. The average duration of a game is of around 60 minutes. 
2.6. Schedule and competition phases 
The competition consists of three phases: 
• A registration period for the countries that are interested: until 12 November 2020. 
• Online classification phase: from 16 November 2020. 
• Knock-out rounds in 2020, taking into account the school calendar. 
• The on-site final phase in Dubai in Novembre 2021. 
2.7. Number of teams in the on-site final phase in Dubai 
The number of teams that reach the final phase in Dubai is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12. They have passed the elimination phases, with a total of 90-108 young people, depending on the number of teams that reach the final. 
2.8. Technological requirements for entry 
To ensure the competition operates correctly, the participating schools have to guarantee that the teams entered have access to certain minimum technological resources, as follows: 
> Fast fibre-optic or ADSL connection. 
> Computers with one of the latest Windows operating systems (Windows 8 or 10) 
>Ability to communicate with those responsible in the competition administration via email/ Skype/WhatsApp on the days when each team is playing.

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World Online School Chess Tournament. Expo 2020 Dubai
World Online School Chess Tournament. Expo 2020 Dubai




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