JOAN BENASSAR. AC/E and Flora Ars+Natura residency 2019

JOAN BENASSAR. AC/E and Flora Ars+Natura residency 2019

 Joan Bennassar (1991, Palma de Mallorca) is the artist selected by the panel of experts to enjoy an #ACEartesvisuales and FLORA ars+natura #2019 residency. Joan Bennassar’s artistic practice is based on exploration and the relationship between the various parts of an artwork in the exhibition space.

His work springs from an interest in representational mechanisms in architecture and design and in unravelling the complex interactions between our environment and the ideological, economic and technological constructions created to take advantage of and control resources and populations.

He currently lives and works in Barcelona. He received the Sala d’art Jove grant for Creation and research in collaboration with MACBA 2014, the Can Felipa visual arts grant 2015, the Guasch Coranty grant for creation 2015, the Injuve production grant 2016, the DKV/ Museo Es baluard video production grant 2016 and the INJUVE grant 2017.
The AC/E – FLORA ars+natura programme includes:
Participation in the Escuela FLORA independent study programme for ten months between 4 February and 30 November 2019.
A studio/workshop with full amenities where the artist can carry out his/her artistic research, creation and/or production (not accommodation).
A monthly allowance of € 725 (equivalent of 2,500,000 COP with a maximum variation of  €5) for ten months. The artist will use the sum to cover accommodation, meals, travel, medical insurance, immigration paperwork (about 120 euros) and any other expenses appropriate or necessary to his/her residency period). This sum is subject to national and district taxes, which will be borne by the artist.
Return flights from Spain to Bogota, arranged and paid for by AC/E.
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