Cabello /Carceller. Deleted for an untitled exhibition (chapter II)

Cabello /Carceller. Deleted for an untitled exhibition (chapter II)

‘Borrador para una exposición sin título (cap. II)’ (Deleted for an untitled exhibition (chapter II)), curated by Manuel Segade, was a retrospective of the work of artists Cabello/Carceller, coproduced with the MARCO museum in Vigo. In chapter III, which is now on show in Mexico, Cabello/Carceller present one of the most solid and ongoing projects on gender in Spain. After being shown in the Spanish Pavilion at the latest Venice Biennale, this exhibition is the first retrospective look at their career, first in Spain and now in Latin America, and sets their latest work in a context spanning from the culture wars of the late 1980s to the social uprisings against the return to the neoliberal order of the past years.

Using interdisciplinary practices, the artists offer alternatives to the conventional way of presenting socio-political minorities by including a discussion of the role of contemporary artistic production. Their method, based on mutual collaboration and the incorporation of external actors and agents, has enabled them to give representation to displacements and imbalances that reveal resistance to and divergencies from established values, especially concerning the gender critique. The exhibition presents the works as a representational device: a theatricalised space based on repetition, sameness and a play on doubles, where works and times are juxtaposed to stress the current moment.
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Cabello/Carceller. Anexo: Caso Céspedes | eBook

Cabello/Carceller. Anexo: Caso Céspedes | eBook

  • Type: Exhibition catalogue
El eje central de este catálogo es A/O (Caso Céspedes) (2009-2010). Elena/o de Céspedes fue un personaje histórico del barroco español. Nació en Granada, mujer, mulata y esclava, pero llegó a ser cirujano y se casó por la iglesia como hombre con una mujer, para ser luego juzgada y condenada por la Inquisición española. En el video que realizan Cabello/Carceller, un personaje de género indeterminado, Alex, investiga los jardines y estancias del Monasterio de la Cartuja de Sevilla, el edificio barroco donde se sitúa actualmente el Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo.

En la película A/O (Caso Céspedes), las artistas Cabello/Carceller sugieren un enfoque alternativo a la problemática de cómo leer y conectarse con un disidente queer cuyas experiencias de vida, mentalidad e idiomas eran bastante diferentes a los nuestros.


La cesura entre los cuerpos​ /The Caesura Between Bodies​
—​ Manuel Segade​
Obras invisibles: visualidad, contemplación​ y verdad en A/O (Caso Céspedes)​ / Invisible Works: Visuality, Contemplation​ and Truth in A/O (Céspedes Case)​
—​ Israel Burshatin​
Resumen de eventos notables​ en la vida de Eleno de Céspedes​ / Summary of notable events​ in the life of Eleno de Céspedes​
—​ Israel Burshatin​
Actas del proceso de Eleno de Céspedes en​ el Tribunal de la Inquisición de Toledo, 1587-1589​ / Proceedings of the Trial of Eleno de Céspedes​ at the Tribunal of the Inquisition of Toledo, 1587-1589​
—​ Israel Burshatin y Cabello/Carceller​

A/O (Caso Céspedes).​ Guion voz narradora​ / A/O (Céspedes Case).​Voiceover Script​
—​ Cabello/Carceller​

 Semblanza / Biographical Sketch​
Catálogo​ / Catalogue​
Créditos​ / Credits​




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