Concepción Arenal. The humanistic passion

Concepción Arenal. The humanistic passion

Concepción Arenal Ponce (Ferrol, January 31, 1820) is a Spanish thinker, journalist, poet and dramatic author, as well as a pioneer of Spanish feminism. Considered the precursor of Social Work in Spain, throughout her life and work she denounced the situation of prisons for men and women, the misery in health homes or beggars and the condition of women in the 19th century, in the line of nineteenth-century female suffragettes. Every form of social injustice was described, denounced and analyzed by Arenal through La Voz de la Caridad, a unique publication in its specialty and a European reference. But what is relevant is that behind Arenal's action there was a solid philosophical thought that has been almost completely ignored.

Therefore, the first goal of the exhibition is to highlight the figure of this great thinker unknown to the Spanish public. Make both the person and her contributions close. Make Arenal see as a woman moved by an intense passion to know, to understand and to contribute to the improvement of her world. Passionate in her affections and disaffections, she was distant in conventional relationships, but warm with her own and compassionate with the most disadvantaged.

This approach requires introducing the viewer to the environments in which she lived and, as far as possible, to the joys, sorrows, learnings, achievements and frustrations that they meant for her. The exhibition through visual, installation and audiovisual resources allows the viewer to bring her life, her vicissitudes, her values and her searches closer to the viewer.

The exhibition is structured in eight biographical spaces (Ferrol, Armano, Madrid, Potes, Coruña, Madrid, Gijón, Vigo) in which she lived, thought, wrote, loved and repaired texts, manuscripts, objects and images linked to her life. Four other thematic spaces are articulated with these, or shown in parallel (loves and heartbreaks; models and values; Who am I? Portraits; Concepción Arenal activist, its causes). Parallel to this biographical tour, images of the Spain of the time are shown, which contextualize the experiences and activities of Arenal.
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