Machado Constellation 2019

Machado Constellation 2019

In 2019 it will be 100 years since Antonio Machado arrived in Segovia. To celebrate the centenary and focus on this important figure in Spanish culture, Segovia city council has put together a packed programme of activities related to the great poet and teacher. The programme, entitled ‘Machado Constellation’, is supported chiefly by the Directorate General for Books and the Promotion of Reading (Ministry of Culture and Sports); the Directorate General for Historical Memory (Ministry of Justice); and Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and the Instituto Cervantes.

Prominent among the activities are an international poetry symposium, an exhibition at the Centro de Creación La Cárcel_Segovia, other exhibitions in various culture centres of the city (‘Vestidos de palabras’ and ‘Antonio Machado en el Archivo General de la Administración’), a music cycle entitled ‘… y Cantares’, an international conference  ‘Un huerto claro: naturaleza, paisaje y jardines’, a participatory investigative project ‘…Son recuerdos: Memorias, nuestra memoria: la imagen, la palabra’ and the Constelación Machado projection mapping organised in conjunction with AC/E.

The projection mapping will take place in Segovia for the first time in April and is one of the highlights of the celebrations. It is a cultural resource aimed at all audiences and is also intended as a tourist attraction. Drawing on the fact that the aqueduct is the city’s emblem, the project is based on the image of water – water as a physical origin and water as a philosophical origin. It sets out to combine Antonio Machado’s arrival in Segovia in 1919 with his personal and symbolic path based on water as a metaphor: the paths of water that led him from Andalusia to Madrid, from Madrid to Paris, from Paris to Soria; liquid roads in which the poet and his voice are merged with the meaning water holds as the beginning and end: the sea.
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