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Curtas Vila do Conde 2017. International Film Festival

Curtas Vila do Conde 2017. International Film Festival
Curtas Vila do Conde IFF is now one of the major film and cultural events in Portugal. Since 1993, the Festival has consolidated its position as a promotor of the latest trends in contemporary cinema and also gained a prominent place on the European scene of international film festivals. Its main attraction are short films but the Festival progressed to a multi­disciplinary event around moving images. The event engaged in the most innovative ways, diverse and artistic cinema.

The festival structure is based on sections: Competitions ­ the best recent shorts: International (Fic Ani, Doc), Portuguese, Experimental, Curtinhas (children), Music Videos, and Take One! (students); Other sections and activities: In Focus (retrospectives), From Short to Features (features), Stereo (music events), Panoramas (Portuguese, European), Exhibitions, Short Film Market, and many educational activities (debates, meetings, artist talks and workshops). Complete program by the end of May.

AC/E supports the presence of Spanish cinema at Curtas Vila do Conde will on four different segments: Films in the International Competition, speakers on a workshop regarding “Film Criticism”, presence of Spanish journalists and members of the official jury of the 25th edition.

The presentation of new Spanish short films on the competitions includes “Nuestra amiga la luna”, by Velasco Broca, at the International Competition, the most prestigious and important competition at the Festival. “Fajr”, by Lois Patiño and “Montaña” by Helena Girón and Samuel Delgado, at the Experimental Competition, dedicated to experimental films, particularly those that will reveal new approaches to moving images and the development of the language of Cinema. The focus on Spanish cinema will go further throughout the programme of the event, with more selections (although at the time and for this application, these are the selected films/directors).

“Film Criticism” is a week­long workshop with masterclasses, debates and special film screenings about the state of art in film criticism.
 The history of cinema is already long and secular. Over the years, cinema coexisted with a critical discourse about its own condition. Film criticism that was ­ first found in physical publications such as magazines and newspapers ­ occupied a central place in building a canon on the discourses of cinema. Today, criticism is undergoing a challenge, especially by changing its support: moving from physical media to the Internet, with its democratization, but also with its banality. Spanish participation in this activity will include three speakers from Spain, including the participation of Jose Manuel López, Martin Pawley and Javier H. Estrada.

The presence of Spanish journalists proposes cover the strong Spanish participation in this anniversary edition, contributing in a relevant way to promotion of Spanish films and filmmakers. To achieve this goal, four journalists will be included, Isabel Ruiz Lara, Jorge Rivero, Victor Paz Morandeira and Jaime Pena.

This year, Marta Ponsa, who is in charge of the artistic and cultural projects of Jeu de Paume (is one of the best known art galleries in Paris), is to be part of the jury of Experimental Competition and Pela del Álamo, director of the Curtocircuíto - International Film Festival, for the International Competition.

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