Lope and Golden Age Theatre #ExpoLopeBNE | *See caption at the end of the text

Lope and Golden Age Theatre

#ExpoLopeBNE | The main purpose of the exhibition is to highlight the keys to Golden Age theatre and the cultural heritage deriving from it throughout history; the current scene with respect to stage performances and research; and, in particular,  the role played by new technologies in staging, disseminating and studying it.

Golden Age theatre is one of the most significant chapters of Spain’s cultural past and of universal drama in general on account of its artistic qualities, the impressive number of authors and plays, its popularity with the different levels of society, and its ability to spread within and beyond Spanish territory and to live on in the field of the performing arts to the present day.
Through computer and audio-visual applications provided by libraries, museums, theatre companies and research teams, autograph manuscripts by Lope and other great authors, early printed matter, documents and objects from the period, the exhibition illustrates the size and implications of the theatre phenomenon, which range from strictly literary and artistic matters to legal and economic issues.

The exhibition ends in the twenty-first century by reflecting on how the advent of the digital era is affecting Golden Age theatre –its staging and performance, as well as management and dissemination aspects and research into this extremely rich heritage. 


*Caption: "Donde hay agravios no hay celos" Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla. Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico (2014). Director: Helena Pimenta. Costumes: Tatiana Hernández. Photo: Ceferino López.

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Lope and the theater of the Golden Age | Youtube
Lope and the theater of the Golden Age | Youtube




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